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My My Myakka!

This week we visited the Myakka River State Park in Sarasota County. The largest park in Florida, it boasts of containing 37,000 acres of wetlands, prairies, and woodlands. The park is also the oldest park in Florida and offers hiking, biking, camping, wildlife viewing, and boating. There are opportunities to view the area from a canopy walkway high above the trees, from a birdwalk that stretches out over the marshland, or even from the water by renting a canoe.
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Racing Armadillos and Other Fun

We have driven and explored the area in and around Sarasota for the past week and remain enthused. I can’t help but be struck by the differences. Whereas Maine is rugged with its spruce and fir forests leading to granite boulders and frigid ocean waters, this is a land of pines and palms and flat swampy areas leading to pristine beaches and warm almost waveless turquoise seas. Continue reading

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Gypsies on the Road

Ten days ago Bob and I packed up our dogs and a small suitcase each and started driving down the eastern coast of the United States. Our home on Deer Isle is very close to the northern border of this magnificent country and it is a special trip to see the countryside change. We felt that Spring seemed to evolve as we traveled south. Each state brought us closer to heat and flowers in bloom until we reached the balmy weather in Florida. Along the way we stopped in several cities to reconnect with some friends and family and to rejoice in those reunions. Continue reading

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The Art of Photography

We were attracted to Deer Isle for many reasons – the splendor of the scenery, the warm welcome we received from everyone we met, and the opportunity to live on an island with the combination of an active fishing village and world class art. Generalizations are always subject to contradiction however I’ve found that artists tend to be open-minded people. There is something about their ability to see the world from a unique perspective that makes them able to see the possibilities in people and conceive of a better, more brilliantly colored world. While I am only an avid admirer, my scientist husband has the soul of an artist. Recently he has had four of his photographs displayed in the Pearson Gallery on Deer Isle and today he has launched his website: . Continue reading

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Farewell and Furniture

A week ago I was honored by the Department of Dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center with a generous send off. Then on Wednesday I hugged everyone good bye and jumped on a plane to return to Maine. After resting for a bit Bob and I attended a reception at the Geoffrey Warner Studio. As you can imagine it was an emotional week but there was no better way of ending it that gathering with community to celebrate the completion of two of Geoffrey’s major pieces – an olive wood desk and a huge big leaf maple conference table.
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