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The End of an Era

I haven’t posted anything for the past couple of weeks as I’ve been very busy exploring Florida, looking at houses there, and coming back to Columbia University Medical Center to celebrate my 15 year career there and to officially “retire”.

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A Mystery, Wicked Good Blueberry Coffee Cake, and a B&B

My favorite book genre are whodunits and I love to cook. Can there be anything better than combining the two? Karen MacInerney writes the Grey Whale Inn series set on Cranberry Island. The protagonist trades in Texas (where Ms MacInerney lives) for a Bed and Breakfast Inn on the Maine coast. It’s a fun read and the recipes are delicious. Wicked Good Blueberry Coffee Cake is my favorite and is found in the book that earned her the Agatha Christie Award – “Murder on the Rocks”. I don’t know if they serve blueberry coffee cake but can attest that no inn has a better view than our own Inn on Ferry Landing. Continue reading

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Spring Walks and A Spring Tonic

We’ve finally been experiencing Spring and have taken full advantage of the weather to take walks around the Sunshine area of Deer Isle. I feel a bounce in my step and increased enthusiasm with the delightful weather. Continue reading

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An Alternative to Filet Mignon – Fried Flank Steak

I’m receiving a number of requests for dishes I’ve served. Maybe it’s the cold weather or the fact that having posted a couple of family favorites has led people to remember other dishes they loved. This one was one my parents served. At that time flank steak was a cheaper cut of beef. It’s no longer quite the deal it was at one time but still reasonable. I consider it a middle-class filet mignon. It is one of the tastiest pieces of beef and this method of cooking preserves the juiciness. Continue reading

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Shepherd’s Pie (aka Cottage Pie)

In almost every culture there is a dish that makes use of leftovers, a kind of “everything but the kitchen sink” recipe. The Irish Shepherd’s Pie was originally made with leftover mutton or lamb, covered with a gravy, combined with whatever vegetables were available, and covered with mashed potatoes. Once this dish came to the United States we modified it to include beef rather than mutton. Continue reading

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Birds of Deer Isle and Their Symbolism

What is it about birds that so catch our fancy and delight our imagination? We live on a remote and relatively unpopulated area of Maine’s second largest island. The open space provides a number of wildlife habitats and is perfect for bird watching. We find sightings when we least expect them. If Bob is fortunate, he is able to quickly grab his ever present camera and snap some shots before the bird is out of range. My experience is more passive, watching the birds and feeling my soul soar through the skies with them. Continue reading

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Chicken Soup with Dumplings – The perfect comfort food

These chilly rainy/snowy days are perfect for soup making. We have had just about every kind of weather today from winds, to snow, to rain, to some form of precipitation that is somewhere between rain and snow and accompanied by wind. It’s time for the comfort of chicken soup with dumplings. Continue reading

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