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Gypsies on the Road

Ten days ago Bob and I packed up our dogs and a small suitcase each and started driving down the eastern coast of the United States. Our home on Deer Isle is very close to the northern border of this magnificent country and it is a special trip to see the countryside change. We felt that Spring seemed to evolve as we traveled south. Each state brought us closer to heat and flowers in bloom until we reached the balmy weather in Florida. Along the way we stopped in several cities to reconnect with some friends and family and to rejoice in those reunions. Continue reading

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Birds of Deer Isle and Their Symbolism

What is it about birds that so catch our fancy and delight our imagination? We live on a remote and relatively unpopulated area of Maine’s second largest island. The open space provides a number of wildlife habitats and is perfect for bird watching. We find sightings when we least expect them. If Bob is fortunate, he is able to quickly grab his ever present camera and snap some shots before the bird is out of range. My experience is more passive, watching the birds and feeling my soul soar through the skies with them. Continue reading

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