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About Me

About Me.

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Eat Local, Eat Fresh – Two Summer Salads

I don’t have many salad recipes. A salad is something I just whip together out of whatever I have on hand. These two salads are standbys in my home. We love the sharp bite of fresh lemon juice, the aroma and taste of extra virgin olive oil, and most of all the “close your eyes and sigh with pleasure” taste bud pleasure of local garden grown vegetables. Both salads are quick to fix and serve and are good for either casual or fancy meals.
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My Life As An Entrepreneur – And More News

I no longer know what day of the week it is and it hardly matters. For most people who work for someone else the weekends are sacrosanct. Fridays are special as they mark the end of the work week and people look forward to two days of catching up on household chores, spending time with family and friends, and just relaxing. This all changes when you own your own business.
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Sunshine, Art, Gardens, and Hopes

It is easy to be optimistic in a place that has beautiful sunny weather every day. Summer in Florida is hot but our proximity to the ocean mitigates the temperatures with an ocean breeze. While we are busy with our new business and a growing clientale list, we still have plenty of time for adventures and for enjoying life. Lately this has meant attending some community events and gardening.
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81 White Birch Lane, Deer Isle, ME – Beautiful House has been SOLD!

Enjoy the majestic beauty of an island in Maine! Vacation or live nestled in the woods and be prepared to be inspired. Many artists and writers live on Deer Isle. Kayak, boat, fish, birdwatch, hike, garden. Enjoy nature and get back to life the way it is supposed to be. Cook with the huge gourmet kitchen. Share good times with friends and family.
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