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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Get off the speedway of life. Slow down. Walk away from distractions. This is you time! Contact me at Shawn.Phillips@kw.com or 843-471-7315 Continue reading

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Sunshine, Art, Gardens, and Hopes

It is easy to be optimistic in a place that has beautiful sunny weather every day. Summer in Florida is hot but our proximity to the ocean mitigates the temperatures with an ocean breeze. While we are busy with our new business and a growing clientale list, we still have plenty of time for adventures and for enjoying life. Lately this has meant attending some community events and gardening.
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February is the Longest Month – have a lemon-lime bar

I know what the calendar says but ever since I moved to the northeast from California I’ve been convinced that February is the longest month.
This weekend we have two events that we are looking forward to. Lily’s Cafe in Stonington is having a Valentine’s Day bash complete with all you can eat tapas, live music, and beer and wines. We also have a long awaited event – the opening of The Seasons of Stonington Restaurant. Continue reading

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Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss/Listening to Our Hearts

Up to now the story of our path of deciding to purchase coastal property on Deer Isle in Maine sounds relatively reasonable if impulsive. However at this point I have to cop to being a city slicker who had absolutely no idea what she was getting into and was certainly not prepared on even the most basic of levels. Continue reading

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