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81 White Birch Lane, Deer Isle, ME – Beautiful House has been SOLD!

Enjoy the majestic beauty of an island in Maine! Vacation or live nestled in the woods and be prepared to be inspired. Many artists and writers live on Deer Isle. Kayak, boat, fish, birdwatch, hike, garden. Enjoy nature and get back to life the way it is supposed to be. Cook with the huge gourmet kitchen. Share good times with friends and family.
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Honoring Family Traditions and Holidays – Scalloped (aka Au Gratin) Potatoes

Once we built the house our immediate family had a tradition of coming up to Maine for Easter and Thanksgiving holidays. As you’ve no doubt discerned, we love to eat foods from many cultures and our festivities weren’t always accompanied by the “turkey for Thanksgiving, ham for Christmas” type offerings. In fact we typically would serve lobster and steak for Thanksgiving in Maine. But no matter how we digressed from the all American offerings, I think my family would have boycotted the meals if I didn’t have scalloped potatoes on the menu. Continue reading

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Beautiful White Birch Cottage on Conary Cove – Sold

Remarkable, airy and bright 3 bedroom/2 bath home surrounded by tall trees and wildlife on Conary Cove near Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. From the deck enjoy the view of this lovely Cove and its beautiful surroundings. Live or vacation in luxury for an affordable price!
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Seafood Newburg (Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp or All Three)

Want a rich and creamy yet super easy recipe for seafood? This one is absolutely delicious! It can be served in a puff pastry (traditional) or with rice, fettuccine or mashed potatoes. I recently made it with leftover lobster (one of the joys of living on Deer Isle, Maine) and shrimp but don’t let this limit you. It’s great with one of the seafoods (lobster, shrimp or scallops) or any mixture therein. Continue reading

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Maine is More Than Spruce, Granite and Sea

Maine being a state of contrasts between the soaring conifers and the diminutive Lady Slipper orchid overwhelms visitors. People who are new to the state gravitate toward the largeness – the vast oceans, the daunting pink granite boulders, the never ending forests. Awe inspiring yes but natives know that the tastiest, most poignant treasures are actually the overlooked. Continue reading

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The Art of Photography

We were attracted to Deer Isle for many reasons – the splendor of the scenery, the warm welcome we received from everyone we met, and the opportunity to live on an island with the combination of an active fishing village and world class art. Generalizations are always subject to contradiction however I’ve found that artists tend to be open-minded people. There is something about their ability to see the world from a unique perspective that makes them able to see the possibilities in people and conceive of a better, more brilliantly colored world. While I am only an avid admirer, my scientist husband has the soul of an artist. Recently he has had four of his photographs displayed in the Pearson Gallery on Deer Isle and today he has launched his website: http://www.bobwilsonphotos.com/index.html . Continue reading

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Farewell and Furniture

A week ago I was honored by the Department of Dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center with a generous send off. Then on Wednesday I hugged everyone good bye and jumped on a plane to return to Maine. After resting for a bit Bob and I attended a reception at the Geoffrey Warner Studio. As you can imagine it was an emotional week but there was no better way of ending it that gathering with community to celebrate the completion of two of Geoffrey’s major pieces – an olive wood desk and a huge big leaf maple conference table.
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A Mystery, Wicked Good Blueberry Coffee Cake, and a B&B

My favorite book genre are whodunits and I love to cook. Can there be anything better than combining the two? Karen MacInerney writes the Grey Whale Inn series set on Cranberry Island. The protagonist trades in Texas (where Ms MacInerney lives) for a Bed and Breakfast Inn on the Maine coast. It’s a fun read and the recipes are delicious. Wicked Good Blueberry Coffee Cake is my favorite and is found in the book that earned her the Agatha Christie Award – “Murder on the Rocks”. I don’t know if they serve blueberry coffee cake but can attest that no inn has a better view than our own Inn on Ferry Landing. Continue reading

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Spring Walks and A Spring Tonic

We’ve finally been experiencing Spring and have taken full advantage of the weather to take walks around the Sunshine area of Deer Isle. I feel a bounce in my step and increased enthusiasm with the delightful weather. Continue reading

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Birds of Deer Isle and Their Symbolism

What is it about birds that so catch our fancy and delight our imagination? We live on a remote and relatively unpopulated area of Maine’s second largest island. The open space provides a number of wildlife habitats and is perfect for bird watching. We find sightings when we least expect them. If Bob is fortunate, he is able to quickly grab his ever present camera and snap some shots before the bird is out of range. My experience is more passive, watching the birds and feeling my soul soar through the skies with them. Continue reading

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Chicken Soup with Dumplings – The perfect comfort food

These chilly rainy/snowy days are perfect for soup making. We have had just about every kind of weather today from winds, to snow, to rain, to some form of precipitation that is somewhere between rain and snow and accompanied by wind. It’s time for the comfort of chicken soup with dumplings. Continue reading

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Christa’s Amazing Timberframe Cottage in Stonington

Bob and I had a delightful lunch with our friend (and realtor) Christa Boyajian. When she first visited our home on Deer Isle Christa remarked that she too had purchased land on the island and had a house built. She mentioned then that there were some similarities between the two homes and she’s absolutely right. It has the same cathedral ceiling, the huge picture windows, the use of Atrium white walls and wood framing and floors. It’s a smaller cottage than ours and is perfect for a romantic couple’s getaway. Some of my readers have privately requested information about vacation rentals on Deer Isle and this one is incredible! It’s perched right on the water’s edge with unobstructed views that will knock your socks off. Continue reading

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Daily Observations from Paradise

Most of the Northeast is hit with a storm and Deer Isle is no exception. It has been raining all day and Bob tells me that we have several crappy weather days ahead. It has been a perfect day to go through some pieces I’ve written in the past and I found one to post about a day in the Autumn right after a storm. It’s a reminder to me to stop and enjoy the simple things. Continue reading

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The Recession is the Mother of Reinvention

For the next four years after we built our welcoming home in the Sunshine area of Deer Isle, we rented it out to summer vacationers and to a couple for approximately a year. We visited every opportunity we could. It was well worth the long 10 hour drive from New Jersey as we crossed the humpbacked bridge and felt the stress and nervous tension of our everyday lives melt away. Here we breathed deeper, slept better, awakened early with enthusiasm. This became the place we daydreamed about, the one that sustained us. Continue reading

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Cioppino for Two

A Christmas tradition started in New Jersey was to have a huge pot of Cioppino on Christmas eve. Cioppino is a fish and shell-fish stew in a tomato broth. It is said to come from the Italian fishermen in San Francisco. I would serve it before we started in on the other dishes and there would always be a huge pot leftover that we would dip into throughout the next week. Continue reading

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Creative Serenity

One of the wonderful things about being in our Deer Isle home is the privacy and serenity. One week I came here with my good friend Gay Chessell and after she left I opted to stay a few days alone in the cottage. It is such a peaceful, rejuvenating space. The soaring cathedral ceiling in the Great Room seemed to lift my spirits and my imagination soared. I would walk in the forest, feeling one with nature and embracing the healing of being quiet with my thoughts. A walk through the woods is an act of meditation. Thoughts would come, linger briefly, and leave. I sat on a granite boulder and admired the moss and the rare and diminutive Lady Slipper (a type of native orchid). Strolls along the shore led me to flattened patches of seagrass where the deer made their beds and a giant heron flew overhead, amazing me with the size of his shadow. All was serene and I felt at one with the universe and open for reinvention.It is no wonder that artists and writers are in abundance on this island. There is something special here that generates creativity and an opportunity to meet your personal muse. Continue reading

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Fireworks, Lobster, and Furnishings

It was the summer of 2005 and we were almost ready to open our house on the artists mecca of Deer Isle, an island that had once been the home of such notables as John Steinbeck and Dan Fogelberg. We had decided prior to even building our house that it made economic sense to rent it out from June through September to weekly vacation renters. Continue reading

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Finishing the House in 2005 (We got by with help from family and friends)

Between October 2004 and June 2005 Brian Burgess and his team worked quickly to finish our house. The myriad of decisions that had to be made prior to completion of the exterior paled compared to the daily discussions we had during those following 8 months. Bob and I were delighted to find that we would not need the marriage counseling that Brian had jokingly said he would not provide. We not only agreed on everything but we were able to include important improvements suggested by our sons and friends.
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February is the Longest Month – have a lemon-lime bar

I know what the calendar says but ever since I moved to the northeast from California I’ve been convinced that February is the longest month.
This weekend we have two events that we are looking forward to. Lily’s Cafe in Stonington is having a Valentine’s Day bash complete with all you can eat tapas, live music, and beer and wines. We also have a long awaited event – the opening of The Seasons of Stonington Restaurant. Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake – Apple Cake!

I know many of you wonder what we could possibly find to do on a remote island in Maine with a population of approximately 2,000 inhabitants. The answer is we are having an absolute blast. We have plenty of opportunities to bring something and I always bring something made of local produce (in this case apples). We’ve met some interesting and open hearted people and there are more things to do here than one would imagine.

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