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Transformation and Evolution

I awakened this morning thinking about punctuated equilibrium. I know in my life I have experienced periods where things were relatively stable and changes were very small and then suddenly there was a rapid burst of change. Continue reading

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Ladies – Get Ready for a New You in the New Year!

If I can transform my life at an age when many are considering retirement, so can you! It doesn’t matter your age, your past, your educational level, or whatever impediment you believe you have to achieving a successful life. You don’t have to settle for mediocracy. You were meant for better. So are you ready to demand an excellent life? Are you ready to alter your path? At the end of the day financial freedom, good physical, emotional and spiritual health are ideal and should be available to everyone. Continue reading

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Something About the Women – Holly Near

Few who know me today would believe that prior to my twenties I was a painfully shy (yet always outspoken) person. Holly Near’s courage and music inspired me to be more, do more, live more. Her songs helped me to begin by loving and accepting the imperfect woman I am and thus be able to reach out and love and accept others for who they are. Each time I visit Dolce Italia I have a magical experience. Last night was no exception!
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