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Look 20 Years Younger?

Yesterday I had lunch with a nurse who thought I was 20 years younger. Here are the secrets. Continue reading

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The Recession is the Mother of Reinvention

For the next four years after we built our welcoming home in the Sunshine area of Deer Isle, we rented it out to summer vacationers and to a couple for approximately a year. We visited every opportunity we could. It was well worth the long 10 hour drive from New Jersey as we crossed the humpbacked bridge and felt the stress and nervous tension of our everyday lives melt away. Here we breathed deeper, slept better, awakened early with enthusiasm. This became the place we daydreamed about, the one that sustained us. Continue reading

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Creative Serenity

One of the wonderful things about being in our Deer Isle home is the privacy and serenity. One week I came here with my good friend Gay Chessell and after she left I opted to stay a few days alone in the cottage. It is such a peaceful, rejuvenating space. The soaring cathedral ceiling in the Great Room seemed to lift my spirits and my imagination soared. I would walk in the forest, feeling one with nature and embracing the healing of being quiet with my thoughts. A walk through the woods is an act of meditation. Thoughts would come, linger briefly, and leave. I sat on a granite boulder and admired the moss and the rare and diminutive Lady Slipper (a type of native orchid). Strolls along the shore led me to flattened patches of seagrass where the deer made their beds and a giant heron flew overhead, amazing me with the size of his shadow. All was serene and I felt at one with the universe and open for reinvention.It is no wonder that artists and writers are in abundance on this island. There is something special here that generates creativity and an opportunity to meet your personal muse. Continue reading

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