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Tomato Basil Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes

Doesn’t food taste best when one uses fresh seasonal produce? This dish takes advantage of the tastebud popping flavors of summer tomatoes, basil, and sweet fingerling potatoes, all in a fruity Pinot Grigio sauce. The fingerling potatoes remind me of those I ate in Ireland. I made this for Bob the other night and we had the leftovers for lunch. I don’t have a fancy name for it as it’s just something I whipped up from what was in the refrigerator. Here’s my Chicken Tomato Basil with Fingerling Potatoes dish Continue reading

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Low Carb Italian Haddock Bake

Ok I confess – I am overweight and I love Italian food. One of the most successful diets I have ever been on is the Atkins. I find the pounds melt off, I am full, and it’s easy. I served this dish tonight to just the two of us along with green beans that I microwaved for 3 minutes. We were satiated and it was delicious. The haddock is always available on Deer Isle. Tilapia would also work if you don’t happen to have the good fortune to live here. Continue reading

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