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In the Mood for Baking? Try Apple Banana Walnut Bread

I always have a bowl of fruit on my dining table. Last night I noticed a couple of bananas and apples were getting over ripe. That gave me the idea to do a bit of baking after church today. I’m not much into sweet breads with the exception of Apple Banana Walnut Bread. I made two loaves – one for us and the other for a neighbor who has been friendly. What better way to get to know someone than to knock on their door with a freshly made sweet bread in hand?

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February is the Longest Month – have a lemon-lime bar

I know what the calendar says but ever since I moved to the northeast from California I’ve been convinced that February is the longest month.
This weekend we have two events that we are looking forward to. Lily’s Cafe in Stonington is having a Valentine’s Day bash complete with all you can eat tapas, live music, and beer and wines. We also have a long awaited event – the opening of The Seasons of Stonington Restaurant. Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake – Apple Cake!

I know many of you wonder what we could possibly find to do on a remote island in Maine with a population of approximately 2,000 inhabitants. The answer is we are having an absolute blast. We have plenty of opportunities to bring something and I always bring something made of local produce (in this case apples). We’ve met some interesting and open hearted people and there are more things to do here than one would imagine.

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