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Wonder how to use social media to promote your events? While this is not the only way, social media can be a potent tool. Continue reading

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Network Marketing Changes Lives

People are only trapped if they view themselves this way. We have options. Network marketing changes lives for the better. Continue reading

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Creating a Personal Mission Statement (The First Step in Positive Change)

Are you ready to take a courageous step and manifest the life you dream? The first step in achieving success is create a personal mission statement – imagine what achievement of your goals would be and then visualizing and affirming accomplishment. Continue reading

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Challenging Change

Many people today find they are reinventing themselves. For any number of reasons they are stepping outside of their rut and trying a new life on for size. It can be due to the worldwide economic problems or it could be self imposed – either way it means a dramatic shift in business as usual. Continue reading

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